Bakeshop business About Magifrance Bakeshop & Cafe

Bakeshop business

Bakeshop business like Magifrance Bakeshop & Cafe is a challenging endeavor.  The saying “Bake the world a better place” is comforting enough to Magifrance Bakeshop & Café founders, employees, workplace and respected clients.  Ms. Linezo together with her late husband who served as her mentor started the business six years ago.

The trust bounded on their partnership is not only about their marriage, but extended for love of baking and sharing them with the world. During those years they were familiar with providing excellent products and services.  Customers are dependable on their goods for attaining great satisfaction and meeting expectations. This trust builds ups to let them put into action to legalize business on January 2015.

Bakeshop business continues no matter what

Hence, after three years in operation Mr. Linezo passed away and the business temporarily stopped due to some challenges.  However, these obstacles encountered by Mrs. Linezo was her compelling reasons to pursue more…and be still to produce more quality and delicious pastries.  Then, fortunately, the business has grown from a very small business in Fish Terminal Julugan V., Tanza, Cavite.  And now become a competitive bakeshop.

The company aims to build a strong market position not only in the town. Also in the supermarket, coffee shops, and various future customers. Due to the respect gained from their clients, the business has predictable growth and moved to a strategic area to serve their clients better. Magifrance Bakeshop & Café is a stable bakery industry that caters to a variety of clients on which they can produce quality home baked goods that suit client’s specific needs.<