Bakeshop composed of cakes, bread, and pastries is also an artistic creation.  Filipinos love baking.  Baked products are included in our daily cravings.  That is why dependable owners of Magifrance Bakeshop come up to this business to share their products, to sweet tongue lovers like us. 

The Why’s of Magifrance Bakeshop

Filipinos are fond of sweets, a familiar tradition that in every meal there is always a dessert. In any circumstances of stress, grab any cakes, bread, and pastries then you will be distressed.  People love varieties, and have this “suki” impact, once we tasted it we will crave for it. Given these reasons,  Magifrance is the familiar option to their customers for the tasteful cakes and pastries…. Foods to repeat and retell now and then. 

Customer look for originality and uniqueness on which we cater to clients specific requirements for their cakes, bread, and pastries. Clients are dropping by the shop with their goods specification yet we create them with our love, belief, honest and genuine selective ingredients. We gained the trust and comfort that make us a stable bakeshop.  With that, we are predictable and consistent with our goals in satisfying you guys.

Let me copy the old saying.. “There is no place like home.”   On which we are engrossed with it.   I think since the world begun..not a surprise for us. So if it sounds familiar we easily fit in… we tried.  So, with these, with, Magifrance bakes, pastries and cakes are good to like and love for life!

Magifrance has the resemblance to some authentic French brands on which favors us since a new customer will have the curiosity to try and then boom! They will try for more…and more! Other

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