Blogs About Bread

Buns ingredients are flour,  sugar shortening yeast, and salt.  It is soft, yummy and has the longer shelf life.  Buns are one of the bread and butter of Magifrance Bakeshop.  As such, they usually supply these to stalls, public market, primary and secondary schools.

About Buns Trend

Magifrance buns are handmade by experienced bakers according to each client’s needs.  Generally, the demand for our products come mainly from customers.  Yet, we have enough production capacity on which we can deliver to clients on time.

However, demand in volumes is not a problem for us.   We baked our bread daily.  On the other hand, the shelf life of the bread is at least three days, depending on the conditions in the consumer’s kitchen.   Accordingly, once pieces of bread are kept in cold room, they can last up to five days.

Stock levels at the bakery are being taken on a daily basis.   You may refer below for our varieties.  Also, there are many ways on how to make it, yet we prefer not to mention as for company’s valuable secrecy.   Consequently, our stock levels are always enough for one week of production.  For other bread categories, you may visit this link soft and yummy