Bakeshop near me – Our Team

Bakeshop near me – Our Team

Magifrance Team is a stable small workforce engaging together to achieve their vision and mission  The company’s vision and mission serve as an inspiration to them by exercising daily their core values.  The company composed of  5 employees who work in day shifts to ensure continuous production.

Magifrance Bakeshop is operated by the administrative person and one operational manager.   Hence,  daily duties include strategizing delivery schedules, organizing staff work schedules and purchasing supplies.

Bakeshop near me – Magifrance Management

Ms. G Linezo,  the owner of Magifrance Bakeshop & Cafe is a legacy baker of his late husband.  Likewise, with her existing baking knowledge, she still perseveres catching up lessons to maintain the trust instilled in their customers.  She studied at Chef Logro Institute of culinary and kitchen services at TESDA.  Also, she enhanced her passion by attending NCII bread and pastry production given by the Technical Education & Skills Development Authority (TESDA).  The owner endures learning until now.
vision and mission study of owner

Vision and Mission Statement

Our vision is to render excellent service to all our clients.  As well as produce quality baked products based on customers needs.   We aim to be the preferred provider of bread and pastry in Cavite. On the other hand,  we will pursue to be stable and predictable in building long-term relationships with loyal customers.  Finally,  we realized our vision through the trust bonded by our clients.  Yet, we aim to help them to keep a competitive edge over their existing competitors.

Magifrance Team mission is to be committed to making tasty and quality bread and pastry products.  Including in the mission is to provide quality products at the lowest price.  On which we serve as a dependable supplier to our achieve customer’s complete satisfaction.  Thus, we aim to be beneficial to our employees,  business partners, and the environment.   Lastly, to be among the creative and innovative leader in the bread and pastry market.

Magifrance Team is comforting and dependable.  As such the owner used to treat them, give gifts to her team and to the client, too.  The vision and mission is a daily execution not only among them but also to social and environmental responsibility.

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