Our Existing Customers & Their Testimonials

Customer Testimonials depicts that Magifrance Bakeshop has been trusted for their quality comforting products.  Hence, we are proud to say that we have a loyal customer base which has grown over the past few years.  Consequently,  we are familiar to our clients that we value principles like trust, quality, good service and mutual respect.

Our Existing Customers Testimonials

Existing Customer's Testimonials Approved

Listed below companies had been buying from us through the years.  Most of all, they are dependable in our products.   Therefore, they long for the familiar taste and quality we supply.   In addition to that, our existing Customers testimonials is one of the predictable intangible assets of the bakeshop.  So, the list is composed of different areas highlighted as follows:

Existing Customer's Testimonials Image

First, Rosario Public Market, Rosario Cavite

  • Jean Bread Store
  • Mayeth Bread Store
  • Evelyn Store – “Tasty bread is delicious even without the sandwich spread.”
    • Second, other areas of Tanza, Cavite
  • Tanza Nat’l Comprehensive High School- Felipe Calderon Elementary School
  • Norie Abad Bread Store – Tanza Nat’l Comprehensive High School
    • Also, we have at Malabon, General Trias, Cavite
  • Delia Store – Hence one of the comments, include “Soft, not easily get dry. “
  • Pinoy Burger – Another store buyer amends,  “Bread shelf life is longer from other brands. “
  • Lord Yancy Store –  Some loyal customer of this is noted, too that  “Tasty bread is delicious even without the sandwich spread.”
  • Michelle Canteen
  • Maragondon Public Market
  • Azon Bread Store
  • Mitch Sandwich Store
    • Then, we have  here at PEZA, Rosario Cavite
  • Neomax
  • IPAI
  • Camanco
  • Keyrin
  • Kapco Manufacturing
  • Sankyotateyama
  • NT Philippines
  • Phili. Bobbin
  • MEC
  • S & S Philippines
  • APC Cav3
  • Castem
  • Okabe
  • HDK
  • Nichivie

Finally, we aim for more clients to serve more.  Hoping you could be one of them.  Yet, you may click other info’s here: https://www.facebook.com/magifranceB/