Bakery Shop feeds us. And it is a fact, we are bread and pastries lovers.  Yet a lot of questions in our mind?  Well, some queries we opted to answer you in advance.

Facts, Questions, and Answers about our Bakery Shop

Who are we? and our edge with another bakery shop?

Magifrance Bakeshop is a start-up bread and pastries retail establishment located in Tanza, Cavite. It expects to catch the interest of regular customer base with its trusted and variety of bread and pastry products. The company plans to build a strong market position not only in the town but also in the supermarket, coffee shop and others.

How can we order?

You can order directly in this website.  Click shop.  Also, you may reach us at our Mobile tel:  +639493219932 and Email us  magifrance.bakeshop@gmail.com.  or ginzlucena@gmail.com.

Want to cancel my order how to do it?

You can, but we have not experienced it though.  Likewise, please read also our Return and Refund Policy. Thank you.

Are you in retail ordering or more on wholesale?

We cater to retail as in single piece order as well as wholesale.


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