Cassava Cake

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Cassava Cake is well known classic Filipino delicacies.  Usually, it’s basic ingredients are sugar, grated cassava, and flour.  Also, some put grated cheese on it.  Hence, there are several variants of cassava such as cassava pudding, bibingka, and cassava coconut cake.  Finished products have different sizes, too.

Magifrance Bakeshop Cassava Cake

Customers are dependable to Magifrance Bakeshop, as when you mention to them cassava cake, you will see a smile on their faces. Imagining this dessert makes one’s mouth watery.  Consequently, the confident owner always noted that this dish is so simple to make.  Yet, the taste is so familiar, delicious, and unforgettable.  And it will tempt you to ask for more.  Oh! your craving for it already.  You may visit here.

The traditional delicacy is the favorite pasalubong of Filipino’s, too. Likewise, it is the all year round dessert for the whole family. Even in friends gathering, small meetings, birthdays, any simple occasions name it and you will find this.

Finally, I will not end this product description without my personal experience as well. Hmm. I apologize, I am the writer so, I will express myself again.  The whole family is fond of it.  We love it with coffee, chocolate drink and even with just water.

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2 reviews for Cassava Cake

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