Ensaymada originated from Spanish word ensaïmada de Mallorca.  On the other hand, it is also known as bun of lard from other countries. However here in the Philippines, there is a lot of evolution of ensaimada de Mallorca already.

Magifrance Ensaymada

Magifrance Ensyamada is a heavenly taste ensaimada.  As everyone who tasted this, it is a sinful confectioner, with creamy butter icing.  And of course cheesy toppings. This is one of best seller bread of Magifrance Bakeshop. One of the trusted customers who tasted it says once you tasted it you will ask for more.  Craving for it?  You may visit our shop on this page.

Moreover, this kind of bread is one of the most favorites of the writer here.  Oops! it’s me. On my personal experience, I love to eat it like a finger-licking commercial chicken. Oh! am so gross!  but well I am the writer so I express myself as well as enjoy eating it this way.  Though,  I love it, too with my creamier coffee in the morning.  Even with snacks in the afternoon, then in the evening.  I mean daily as in now and then.  I am familiar with the taste so it is good to repeat and tell to all of you.

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