Hamburger Buns


Sold in Php 20.00 per 6 pcs



Hamburger Buns is a resell and wholesale products.  Loyal re sellers and wholesalers find these comforting bread for them as well as to their customers. too.  It is a worth bread to retell and resell.

Hamburger Buns of Magifrance Bakeshop

Hamburgers buns of Magifrance Bakeshop are made with trust by their respected bakers.  The process are purposeful and goal oriented in which they ensure that customers are really satisfied.  Hence, these are one of the best sellers of the bakeshop.

There are several ways to upgrade cravings for hamburger buns.  Meat lovers love these especially in quick serving restaurants.  Hamburgers are good matched with fries and drinks.  In which, these are the main menu in most of the QSR’s.  On the other hand, buns with eggs is a good match, too.

On the other hand, I loved buns with bacon and cheese melt.  Even with just tuna and mayonnaise, my cravings is totally satisfied.  Thus, our family love it most with whatever fillings we used for tortillas.  Some people just eat by itself.  Then, some matched these with coffee only.  How about you?  What do you love most with buns?

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