Tartlets came from the word pie or tart.  Hence, it originated from the word “tarte.”  It originated from traditional layering of food.  Likewise, it is from Medieval pie making – These thoughts I got from Wikipedia, as I want to know first the origin of my favorite tart.

Tartlets of Magifrance Bakeshop

The stable Magifrance Bakeshop has known also for their tartlets. As you know, customers are dependable on their bakeshop for its familiar and comforting tastes.  Consequently, these desserts made also the

bakeshop a predictable trusted bakeshop here at Tanza, Cavite.

The bakeshop has several variants of these desserts.

To name a few, they have Ube Macapuno Tart.  Consequently, the tart is a familiar taste of irresistible dessert due to Ube’s creaminess and sweet blend of Macapuno toppings.  The color itself will invite you to buy.  Also, its aroma is too tempting to taste. 

Ube Macapuno Tart

On the other hand, they also have the peach halves tart.  As you can visualize the peach on it, its alluring and a worth penny spent.  Hence, the cherry on top of it is telling you to grab a bite.  

Tartlets are renowned worldwide for their creamy fillings and glorious glazed fruit toppings. The pastry shell must be fully baked before being filled, half fill the flan then top with fruits either fresh or glazed. A combination of sliced peaches, sliced pineapples, sliced mangoes, sliced kiwi fruit and red cherries –all uncooked– are used here- Mrs. Linezo

Oh, by the way, those mentioned tempestuous description is more than enough to share my moment with these desserts.  I just eat them all. My family is a group of the sweet tooth.

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