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Trademark intellectual property is a tool used to differentiates goods and services from each other.  As such, it is a very important marketing tool that makes the public identify goods and services.  A trademark can be one word, a group of words, sign, symbol, logo, or a combination of any of these. Generally, a trademark refers to both trademark and service mark.  Although, a service mark is identified to those marks used for services only.  –  Thus, the mention above definition is an excerpt from Philippines Intellectual Property Office.

Trademark intellectual property of Magifrance

Trademark intellectual property of Magifrance Bakeshop

Generally, we must be excited about this registration.  Magifrance will have its unique and trusted trademark.  And of course, we are excited about our products to know.  The owner is just waiting for the release of it.

On the other hand, the company is in the process of leveling up their labels and design at PLCEDO (Provincial Cooperative Livelihood Entrepreneurial  Development Office).  In this way, familiar identity will opt to Magifrance Bakeshop clearly.  Hence, the business will be more established through their unique designs and labels.  Getting excited about these?  Consequently, Magifrance Bakeshop continues to establish trust with this actions.  The bakeshop will be more predictable and stable for their familiar brands.

Moving from to Strategic Place

Oh! Guess what?  We are transferring to a bigger and strategic place.  As part of our goal to serve you better.  And to produce more quality and yummy bread and pastries.